Best Drawing Websites for schools

Drawing Websites for schools

In today’s post, I am sharing some of my favorite drawing websites for schools. These platforms are treasures that students can use to unleash their creativity, explore digital artistry, and enhance their learning experiences. Whether it’s mastering the basics of drawing, experimenting with advanced techniques, or simply enjoying the process of creation, these websites offer something special for every student.

All of these drawing websites are simple and easy to use, making them accessible for artists at any skill level. They provide safe, engaging environments where students can express themselves freely, collaborate with others, and develop their artistic talents.

Drawing Websites for Schools

Let’s explore some of the best drawing websites that students can use in school:

1. Quick Draw with Google

Quick Draw is a playful game where your sketches meet the cutting edge of machine learning. As you draw, a neural network works in real-time, attempting to guess your sketches. It’s a fascinating glimpse into AI technology, but with a light-hearted twist. The game is straightforward and incredibly engaging, though it might not always guess correctly. This adds to the fun, providing laughter and surprises as you challenge the AI with your doodles. Quick Draw is a delightful experiment at the intersection of creativity and technology.

2. AutoDraw by Google

AutoDraw is another powerful drawing website for schools. It is part of Google Experiments lab. As is the case with Quick Draw, Auto Draw has a minimalist interface that combines the simplicity of sketching with the intelligence of machine learning. This tool is designed to make visual creation fast, easy, and accessible to everyone, everywhere. Whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, AutoDraw offers a seamless experience without the need for downloads or payments.

The magic lies in its suggestion tool, which cleverly uses machine learning to predict and refine what you’re trying to draw, offering you a range of artistic possibilities provided by talented artists. AutoDraw opens the world of creativity to everyone, making it more accessible and enjoyable. Whether you’re doodling for fun or working on a project, AutoDraw is your go-to for bringing ideas to life quickly and easily.

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3. Drawspace

Drawspace is an online platform that offers an extensive range of drawing lessons tailored to suit all ages and skill levels. With Drawspace, learners engage in a structured educational environment, enriched with weekly assignments that guide them steadily towards their artistic goals. It’s the perfect setting for both beginners and advanced artists to expand their horizons, improve their skills, and unlock their creative potential in a supportive online community.

4. Toy Theatre

Toy Theatre takes art education beyond the traditional, inviting students into a world of diverse online art activities. The platform features diverse drawing, coloring, building, and animation exercises. It also offers a unique educational twist by introducing students to the styles of famous artists, making it a comprehensive tool for exploring various aspects of art. Toy Theatre is ideal for educators and parents looking to infuse their lessons with creativity, offering activities that not only entertain but also educate, making learning about art both fun and impactful.

5. Sketchbook

Sketchbook brings the tactile joy of drawing on paper into the digital realm, without the mess. Imagine your brushes and pens, each behaving just as they would in the real world, but without ever running dry or cluttering your workspace. The app’s interface is designed to be clean and minimalistic, allowing you to tuck away tools and palettes, so nothing distracts you from your creative flow. Sketchbook offers a plethora of customizable brushes, precise guides, rulers, and stroke tools, ensuring that whether you’re sketching freely or drawing with precision, you have everything you need. Layers and blend modes add to the mix, offering endless possibilities to explore, build, and refine your artwork.

6. Let’s Draw It

Let’s Draw It is a platform that offers access to a wide variety of games students can use in school. These include:

  • Guess n Draw: This multiplayer drawing game is all about speed and creativity. You earn points by deciphering the scribbles and sketches of others, then switch roles and sketch your own word for the crowd. It’s a thrilling back-and-forth of guesswork and creativity, perfect for those who love to interpret and invent.
  • Draw Best: In this online drawing contest, players strategizing on the best word to draw, then bringing it to life for others to judge. It’s not just about drawing; it’s about drawing best.
  • Draw Copy: Put your observational and replication skills to the ultimate test with Draw Copy. This multiplayer online game challenges players to choose a picture from a list and then make the most accurate copy possible. It’s a test of precision, attention to detail, and creativity.
  • Simple Draw: For those who love the simplicity of drawing without the frills of competition or games, Simple Draw offers a serene canvas. This tool allows you to freely express yourself, creating anything from basic sketches to more complex scenes.
  • How to Draw: Ever wished you could peek over the shoulder of talented artists to learn their secrets? How to Draw offers just that. This feature within Let’s Draw It allows you to learn from other players. Save drawings or follow along with video tutorials in a step-by-step manner.

Drawing Websites for schools

7. Pixilart

Pixilart is an online drawing application that fosters a vibrant community of art lovers, providing a platform where imagination can flourish freely. Whether you’re aiming to craft visuals for games, spark entertainment, or create educational content, Pixilart ensures a user-friendly experience. It offers a secure environment, making it an ideal space for students to explore, share, and enhance their drawing skills.

8. Sumopaint

Sumopaint offers a robust suite of drawing tools and image editing capabilities. These include over 300 brushes, alongside an array of unique tools and effects, empowering artists to bring their most ambitious visions to life. Whether you’re painting, designing, or editing photos, Sumopaint provides a streamlined, professional experience that’s accessible directly from your web browser.

9. Canva Draw

Canva Draw is another great drawing website for schools. The tool enables students to unlock the door to limitless creative expression. Students can start with a blank template or use a premade one for inspiration. They also have access to various brishes and pens, shapes, and many more. Canva Draw is the perfect blend of simplicity and power, enabling students to differentiate their designs with ease.

10. Picsart

Picsart’s online drawing tool is a treasure trove for students seeking versatility and innovation in their digital creations. With a wide selection of brushes, erasers, and layer functionality, Picsart does more than just accommodate your drawing needs—it elevates them. Its integration of AI editing further enhances the creative process, offering new ways to refine and reimagine your work.

Final thoughts

Exploring these drawing websites for schools reveals the vast potential of digital art in education. Each platform, from Pixilart to Sumopaint, Canva Draw, and Picsart, brings unique features and opportunities for students to express their creativity, learn new skills, and engage with art in meaningful ways. Use these tool with students in class to inspire them, enhance their educational journey, and encourage them to explore the boundless possibilities of their imagination.

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