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In today’s post, I want to bring your attention to this excellent free resource called Flippity, a platform that empowers teachers with a wide variety of simple and easy to use educational tools.I bet some of you are already familiar with some of its popular tools like the Flashcards, Quiz Show, and Random Name Picker. But Flippity offers so much more than that, and I’m excited to dive deeper into its features and share how it can enrich our teaching and learning environments.

At its core, Flippity is about transforming the static data of Google Sheets into dynamic, interactive web tools. The process is straightforward: choose a template from Flippity, input your data into a Google Sheet, and Flippity converts it into an interactive tool, complete with a unique URL for easy sharing and access.

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Flippity Tools

The following are some of the popular tools provided by Flippity that you might find incredibly useful in your educational endeavors:


Here is the full list of Flippity tools:

  1. Flippity Flashcards: This tool allows you to create a set of simple online flashcards. It’s perfect for memorization tasks, vocabulary drills, or even historical dates and facts. The ease of setting up and the interactive nature make it a favorite among educators and learners alike.
  2. New Flippity Flexcards: Elevate your flashcard game with 10-sided, multimedia flashcards. These are great for adding depth to study materials, incorporating images, sounds, and more comprehensive content that goes beyond simple question-and-answer formats.
  3. Flippity Quiz Show: Create your own trivia game show. This tool can transform review sessions and classroom quizzes into an engaging, competitive experience. It’s a fantastic way to prep for exams while keeping the energy high and students engaged.
  4. Flippity Random Name Picker: An excellent tool for selecting students for classroom tasks, forming groups, or picking volunteers. It adds an element of fun and fairness to the process, ensuring everyone has an equal chance of being chosen.
  5. Flippity Randomizer: Create a set of randomizer wheels for various applications, such as topic selection, decision making, or even creating spontaneous classroom activities. It’s a versatile tool that can inject unpredictability and excitement into your lessons.
  6. Flippity Virtual Breakout: Engage students with an interactive virtual breakout activity. This tool is fantastic for team-building, problem-solving, and critical thinking. It can be themed around virtually any subject area, making it a highly adaptable resource.
  7. Flippity Board Game: Turn your educational content into a virtual board game. This not only makes learning fun but also promotes strategic thinking and collaboration among students. It’s a unique way to review or reinforce concepts.
  8. Flippity Manipulatives: Create a set of click-and-drag objects for various subjects and activities. These can be used for sorting, matching, categorizing, and more. It’s an effective tool for hands-on learning in a virtual environment.
  9. Flippity Matching Game: This tool allows you to create a tile matching game. It’s an excellent way to reinforce memory skills, vocabulary, historical figures, or even mathematical symbols. The visual and interactive aspect makes it engaging for learners of all ages.
  10. Flippity Connecto Game: Inspired by Tic-Tac-Toe, this game can be customized to review any subject matter. It’s a strategic way to encourage students to think critically while applying their knowledge in a competitive format.
  11. Flippity Bingo: Create a bingo game that can be printed or played online. This tool is fantastic for group activities, making review sessions more dynamic, and can be tailored to suit any topic or learning objective.
  12. Flippity Timeline: Develop an interactive timeline for historical events, the progression of scientific discoveries, or the sequencing of a narrative. It’s a visual and interactive way to explore chronologies and contextual relationships.
  13. Flippity Badge Tracker: Gamify learning by creating a page to track badges earned by students. It’s a motivational tool that encourages progress and achievement, allowing learners to visually track their accomplishments and set goals.
  14. Flippity Leaderboard: Set up a mobile-friendly leaderboard to foster a competitive spirit among students. It’s perfect for tracking progress, scores, or participation in class activities, adding an element of excitement to learning and performance.
  15. Flippity Typing Test: Create a typing speed tester. This is especially useful in today’s digital world, helping students improve their typing skills in a fun and interactive manner, thus preparing them for the future.
  16. Flippity Spelling Words: Develop a spelling word manager. It’s an effective tool for practicing spelling, offering a structured way for students to engage with their spelling lists through various interactive activities.
  17. Flippity Word Search: This tool enables the creation of customized word search puzzles. It’s an excellent way to reinforce vocabulary, historical figures, scientific terms, or just about any topic of study in a fun and engaging manner.
  18. Flippity Crossword Puzzle: With this, you can create your own crossword puzzles, a classic way to test knowledge of definitions, concepts, and key terms. It’s ideal for reviewing content in a more challenging format.
  19. Flippity Word Scramble: This puzzle generator is perfect for vocabulary building and spelling practice. By scrambling words related to your lesson, you provide students with a playful way to engage with and internalize their learning material.
  20. Flippity Snowman: A creative twist on the traditional hangman game, this tool allows you to create one of four hangman-style games. It’s a fantastic way to make spelling or vocabulary review sessions interactive and suspenseful.
  21. Flippity WordMaster: Inspired by the popular Wordle game, this tool lets you create your own Wordle-style puzzles. It’s great for vocabulary development, problem-solving, and logical thinking, offering a daily or regular challenge to students.
  22. Flippity Progress Indicator: Create a set of progress indicator bars to visually track and display progress on projects, reading goals, skill mastery, or any other long-term educational objectives. It helps in motivating students by showing them how far they’ve come and what’s left to achieve.
  23. Flippity Word Cloud: Generate beautiful word clouds from lists of words related to a particular theme, lesson, or concept. It’s a visually appealing way to emphasize the importance and frequency of certain terms and can serve as a great discussion starter or review activity.
  24. Flippity Fun with Fonts: This tool allows you to create artistic representations of words using different fonts, sizes, and colors. It’s perfect for projects, presentations, or even creating visual aids for the classroom that are both informative and eye-catching.
  25. Flippity MadLibs: This tool allows you to create a custom MadLibs generator, perfect for teaching parts of speech, reinforcing grammar skills, and just having fun with language. It encourages creativity and laughter while learning, making it a hit for learners of all ages.
  26. Flippity Tournament Bracket: Ideal for class competitions, review games, or even book tournaments, this tool lets you create a tournament bracket. It’s a great way to add a competitive edge to learning, motivating students to engage with content in a team setting or individually in a high-stakes format.
  27. Flippity Certificate Quiz: With this, you can set up an online quiz that rewards participants with a certificate upon completion or achieving a certain score. It’s a fantastic way to validate achievements, encourage mastery of content, and provide tangible rewards for learning milestones.
  28. Flippity Self Assessment: This tool offers the ability to create online self-assessment quizzes. It empowers students to reflect on their own learning, identify areas for improvement, and take ownership of their educational journey. It’s also useful for teachers to gauge student understanding and adjust instruction accordingly.

Final thoughts

Flippity is definitely an interesting platform where you can access various educational web tools to use in your teaching. All of these tools are simple and easy to use, requiring nothing more than a few clicks to bring a multitude of interactive and engaging activities to life. The sheer range of options Flippity offers, from flashcards and quiz shows to board games and virtual breakouts means that regardless of your subject area or the age of your students, you’re likely to find something that will resonate with them. So, whether you’re looking to gamify your classroom, facilitate more collaborative learning experiences, or simply provide your students with varied and engaging ways to interact with content, Flippity is worth exploring.


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